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Since working in the Financial Services sector; Life has thrown me a number of curved balls; by this, I mean Losing my Husband very suddenly and then my Parents and Younger Brother. So I am an Orphan!

But some balls have been good like my Children’s Marriages and Grandchildren 5 in total.

I have had to deal with Wills, Probate, LPA’s, Insurance, Protection, Mortgages, Investments, Pensions and Utility Bills; but with good advice, I have ended up with the No Worries lifestyle I now enjoy.

I started my career in Financial Services back in 2000 as an Administrator and dealing with all aspects of investments, pensions, mortgages and Protection: and have worked for a number of various Financial Planners.

During this time I have met many clients that get it right but unfortunately, some have not enjoyed the same experience.

4U noworries was set up as a result of what I have been through. After life-changing events, it helped to know I had the right people to talk to in the right financial sectors. It gave me the inspiration to help others.

My Role is to refer you companies that care about you and your objectives and the goals you want to achieve.

If running a Company was not enough I spend most of my spare time Volunteering with the Scout association. I have done this since 1993 and now hold the various roles in Buckinghamshire.

During this time I have achieved my Medal of Merit for outstanding service; met Bear Grylls twice and attended a reception in the Speakers Chambers at The Houses of Parliament to celebrate the centenary of Cub Scouts.

I pride myself on having empathy with the curve balls that life throws at you

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The weekend is nearly upon us so let’s take a few minutes to reflect on what has gone well for this week and reward yourself

  • For me, it is starting putting the training I received from The Business Club into practice.
  • Looking forward to seeing my Guests at the next Network meeting of The Business Club Bucks that I invited this week
  • Walking the dog each day; be it for 30 minutes at a time
  • Investing 7 Beavers into Cubs at my Scout Group
  • Catch up with a dear Friend

Always try to find positives and then the negatives are not so bad So now for the goals I want to achieve next week

If it is sorting out your Financial Goals then look no further 4Unoworries can help you out in more ways than one or call 0800 2889 108

A huge congratulations to Yvonne Taylor, who is becoming the director of The Business Club Bucks!

As regular attendees will know,

Yvonne has been and will continue to be a great supporter of our club,

and we will now be working closely with her to really grow the membership during the coming months which will benefit everyone.


We are very excited about moving the club forward!!

Mike Willis

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The list of dignitaries so far;

  1. The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Sam Crooks – will be conducting the official branch opening; cutting of cakes & ribbon in ceremonial attire
  2. Rt Hon Mark Lancaster MP for North Milton Keynes and Minister of State for Defence
  3. Pauline Mitchelmore – Parliamentary Assistant to the MP
  4. Liam Andrews – Press Secretary to the MP
  5. Cllr Moriah Priestley councillor for Central Milton Keynes & Cabinet member for Economy, Commerce & Culture
  6. Cllr Pauline Wallis councillor for Central Milton Keynes
  7. Cllr Paul Trendall – Broughton councillor for Campbell Park & Old Woughton ward, a fellow of the institute of Recruitment
  8. Mayor of Newport Pagnell Town Council (Cllr Shar Roselman is sorting the confirmation at the moment)
  9. Cllr Elaine Wales councillor for Bletchley Park
  10. Cllr Alice Jenkins councillor for Danesborough & Walton ward
  11. Cllr Martin Petchey councillor for Stantonbury ward, member for Health & wellbeing MK Council of Woughton ward
  12. Iain Stewart MP for MK for Milton Keynes South (looking to confirm attendance)
  13. Cllr James Lancaster – Conservative ward councillor for Tattenhoe ward parish councillor for SBE + Tattenhoe council
  14. Jon Boyle – Celebrate MK
  15. MK Citizen
  16. MK FM
  17. Jenny & Charlotte – MK Hospital Charity
  18. Henry – Spinal Injuries Association
  19. Sophia – Alzheimer’s Society

We are looking for volunteers to help out with Our home Care Preferred Launch event and for helping out to raise funds for the MK Hospital Cance Research Centre in Partnership with MK Hospital Charity. Optional monetary reward available!