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You may have been told that networking is a great way to grow your business.
Here are a few reasons why we believe in networking and why we can personally attest to the benefits:

    The main purpose of networking is to drive word of mouth recommendations. The more people you know, the more people who are likely to be talking about your brand, driving awareness and increasing your profits.
    You never know what you could learn from someone else. Networking gives you a chance to meet potential mentors who could share their knowledge with you and inspire some of your best ideas!
    All businesses will rely on suppliers for something – whether that’s manufacturing products, designing your website, writing copy for your website, recruiting staff or anything else. Networking helps you to come into contact with these people and build good professional relationships.
    You need to understand the market you’re dealing with in order to cater to it. When you network, other professionals within your field could introduce you to new markets – or different ways of looking at your current target market – that could prove beneficial for your business.
    Every business is different and every business owner will come up with unique and innovative ways to keep their business moving in the right direction. Speaking to different people can help you to adapt others’ ideas and protocols into your own company.
    Most successful business owners naturally think outside of the box. Socialising with others who carry this mindset can lead to great ideas being born and brought to life. There’s no better place to find inspiration!
    Communication is an essential skill for any business leader. Placing yourself in social situations will inevitably improve your communication and help you to feel more at ease in situations with other professionals.
    Business owners can get stuck in a rut. Doing the same thing week in and week out. Attending a networking can be the necessary shakeup that we all need from time to time, to get us refocused on what we do best.
    Networking helps us focus on what’s important. We get to fine-tune our ‘elevator speech’ and in so doing, bring great focus and awareness to what our business is really all about.
    Sure, we like to prioritise business while networking. But you could meet some lifelong friends in the process!

Yvonne Taylor is known as Milton Keynes’s very own fairy godmother of networking.

Following her years of experience as a successful networker, Yvonne now runs not one, but three networking events in and around Milton Keynes.
Yvonne is also a member of the Federation of Small businesses (FSB) and therefore has access to its far-reaching networking arms across the country.

…and because of her extensive networking, there isn’t anyone Yvonne doesn’t know.
So, if you need something or someone to improve an area of your business or personal life, give Yvonne a call and she can put you in touch with the right person/product/service.
Call Now: 0800 2889 108

Better still… come along to one of Yvonne’s networking events and meet the people for yourself.

Saving up for a rainy day is now a minority pursuit. According to the Office for National Statistics, the amount of disposable income people in the UK are saving has fallen to a record low.

There are lots of external reasons for not saving – higher tax payments, spiralling housing costs, weak real wages and the struggle to pay down consumer debt, to name three. After all that, if you still find yourself with a few pounds to put aside, just putting it in a convenient savings account may not be enough. Since 2007, money deposited in easy access savings accounts generated interest rates lower than inflation for three quarters of the time, as Moneyfacts data recently found.

With a good chance that inflation will go up rather than down in the medium term, what can a wannabe saver do?

Well, you could just shop around for a better easy access account. Now that it’s easier than ever to change bank accounts, you can go hunting for the best rates. Even when average rates are low, you may be able to find a better deal, even if it’s only a higher introductory rate or a cash incentive to switch. If you don’t need your access to be that easy some standard savings accounts will offer a more favourable interest rate to customers who make fewer transactions. If you can afford to invest a specific minimum amount, some easy access accounts will offer a higher interest rate, too.

Another way to keep access to your nest egg with no notice or penalty would be to put it into premium bonds. But with no guaranteed income and an “average” prize rate which went down from 1.25% to 1.15% in May 2017, this probably won’t help you beat inflation, unless you happen strike lucky with one of those elusive big prizes.

Alternatively, a Stocks and Shares ISA could potentially out-perform inflation, attracting no capital gains tax, or tax on UK income, and you may be able to dip into it at any time. But it could also put your capital at risk, so you might end up getting less out than you put in.

Right now, it can take time and effort just to do better than breaking even, but it can be done. It does get easier if you’re able to tie some of your money up for a while, so it always pays to do a bit of personal financial planning. How much of the money you’ve put aside needs to be on tap for emergencies? Can you afford to lock a bit extra away and grow it to meet your longer term goals?

Whether you need some help to make the most of your personal finances, or you already have a plan and are looking for the best product to make the most of your money, why not get in touch with one of our friendly finance professionals today? Together, we can beat the savings drought.


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